Usually, a research project ends with a seminar, where the research results are outlined for interested parties outside of the research team. But since we do not yet know how to do things with performance, the How to Do Things with Performance? project decided to start by hosting an event in which we asked our colleagues to give us their responses to the title: how would they do things with performance?

We received a wonderful array of suggestions from artists and researchers, who shared, through different kinds of performances and discussion, both modes of performing and of thinking about and through performance that we hope will help us answer our question: how to do things with performance. We are particularly grateful for these people for giving their time and labour at such short notice and without proper compensation – thank you for your gift, we hope this project can offer something reciprocal by 2020! We also had a great number of people in the audience both during the morning session at the Auditorium 1 and the afternoon session at Tori – thank you for attending, listening, commenting, and appreciating this moment.

The event was opened by Professor Leena Rouhiainen, the Vice Dean for Research at the Theatre Academy, who explained the significance of the project for the Performing Arts Research Centre, The Theatre Academy, and the University of the Arts Helsinki. Professor Heike Roms, member of our Advisory Board, introduced her research on the history of performance art in Wales, followed by Senior Researcher Hanna Järvinen speaking of the dance performance project, Jeux, based on her earlier historical research. Two members of our Advisory Board also sent their greetings because they could not come in person: Professor Simon O’Sullivan sent a video discussing his current research on re-tooling of philosophy, and Professor Edward Scheer a presentation on how to do things with performance, translated by Postdoctoral Researcher Pilvi Porkola. Professor Esa Kirkkopelto then spoke of bodies and objects, showing two examples of objects performing. Postdoctoral Researcher Pilvi Porkola finished the first half of the Kick-off seminar by discussing translation, translatability, and meaning of ‘esitys’, the Finnish word for performance.

The afternoon session convened after lunch with Postdoctoral Researcher Tero Nauha, who exemplified thinking in performance through playing records and a theremin. The fourth member of our Advisory Board, Dr. Katve-Kaisa Kontturi then discussed an event she had co-convened, Feminist Colour-IN. Lecturer Kira O’Reilly performed her piece I came to the sea and I was scared, my heart was broken and Karolina Kucia did a lecture with a cockroach. Tuomas Laitinen played with sound and the claim he had an idea, and Henna-Riikka Halonen shared her work on labyrinths and avatars. Saara Hannula asked whether what we were up to was actually “something doing”, and Kimmo Modig asked if performance is changing something from transformative to transfigurative mode. The event was finished by the Principal Investigator of the research project, Annette Arlander, who presented a powerpoint on her video work and discussed repetition as an inherent quality of performance.

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