Kick Off, abridged thought.

First Theremin Orchestra  at Carnegie Hall, New York, April 25, 1930.
First Theremin Orchestra at Carnegie Hall, New York, April 25, 1930.

Briefly said,  a presentation with a voice pressed on vinyl records and theremin. A text in progress. 

The performance is not a copy of the original. The thought of performance is a mutation itself. It is performing mutation of the real. The performance do not represent a body. The performance is not anti-art or anti-philosophy, but subtraction of attributes. A body in performance is not a representation, but matter in the process of subtraction. The performance is mutation of the real, it is a fiction. Fiction is a clone of the real, the only way how we approximate with the real. Performance is real, it is not real and it is not-not real. This is not a project, which produces more predicates of subject, like militant, activist, leftist, ad nauseam. Not more philosophy, but less. Not more dialogue, but polylogue and a shift from agon or oikonomia to a heretical choice without a reason. A heretical practice has no superior identity, system, or absolute, but it is without reason. It is an advent of practice. It is fiction, which is the fiction is a counter-creation of the World. The fiction is not an analysis of the world, but it is a organization in advent… The art is not creation for better world, or for better fiction, but art is the end of the world. A body remains foreclosed in the radical immanence and it is performed. Art already thinks, without the representatives of the archbishops of philosophy. It does not think for or through the philosophers.

Author: Tero Nauha

Performance artist, researcher and writer.

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