How to Do Things with Performance in São Paulo?


The research group participated in the IFTR conference Unstable Geographies: Multiple Theatricalities 10.-14.7.2017 in São Paulo, Brazil.

On Tuesday 11th July 11.7. Tero Nauha, Annette Arlander ja Hanna Järvinen had a panel titled  ”Performance Philosophy”.

Tero Nauha: The Unstable ’Fictioning’ in Performance and Philosophy.

Annette Arlander: How to Do Things by Performing with Plants?

Hanna Järvinen: On the Historical Materiality of Performance, Past and Present.

My paper was on Thursday:  Library Essays – from Representations of Space to Performative Space. Beside of that I had a performance installation The Nomad Library in the yard of the University on Wednesday.

With Tero and Annette we also participated in the “Performance as Research” working group meetings. There were 20-30 artistic researchers from all over the world. The idea of the working group was to share methods of practice as research by doing. The following images are from the working group meetings and from the curated panel “Performance as Research” which was quite performative as well.





Photos: Pilvi Porkola and Elisa Band


Author: Pilvi Porkola

Esitystaiteilija, post doc -tutkija Performance artist, post doc researcher

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