Puhetta Performanssista – Conversations on Performance Art


Muu-galleriassa käynnistyi keskustelusarja Puhetta Performanssista, jonka kimmokkeena toimivat viime syksyn HTDTWP-projektin järjestämien keskustelujen kokemukset, vaikka jonkinlaista performanssiin keskittyvää keskustelujen sarjaa on Muu:ssa suunniteltu jo pitkään. Vetäjänä toimii, nyt ensimmäisen vuotena Annette Arlander, ja keskusteluja on tarkoitus järjestää pari keväällä ja pari syksyllä. Ensimmäisenä vieraana oli performanssitaiteilija ja kuraattori Leena Kela, ja keskustelun teemana hänen vuoden mittainen performanssiprojektinsa ja siihen liittyvät kysymykset kestosta ja kestokyvystä.  Tapahtuman esite linkkeineen löytyy täältä. Keskustelu myös äänitettiin, ja lähetettiin suorana videotaltiointina, joka löytyy tästä alta.

A series of Conversations on Performance Art began at Muu gallery, partly inspired by the conversations organized by the HTDTWP -project last autumn, although some kind of conversations focused on performance art have been planned at Muu for quite a while. During this first year the conversations, two in Spring and two in Autumn, are hosted by Annette Arlander. The first guest was performance artist and curator Leena Kela, and the theme of the conversation was her One Year Performance project and topics related to it like duration and endurance. Information about the event and links can be found here . The conversation was recorded, and streamed live as a video as well, which is available here below.


Research Day II: Materiality of and in Performance

The research project How to do things with performance? organises a second research day with Rick Dolphijn as keynote speaker, on 2 March 2018 at University of the Arts Theatre Academy.


The research project How to do things with performance? organises a second research day with Rick Dolphijn as keynote speaker, on 2 March 2018 at University of the Arts Theatre Academy, Auditorium 1.

What is the matter of performance?
What is the matter with performance?
What matters in performance?

Performance studies, performance research and performance-as-research can be understood as the study of various practices and processes besides cultural and artistic performances. As art making in artistic research, performance or performing can function as a central research method or as one way of presenting research results. (Allegue et al. 2009; Hunter & Riley 2009; Kershaw & Nicholson 2011; Nelson 2013; Arlander et.al.2018) In this context, we are especially interested in the materiality of performance.

In her influential text “Posthumanist performativity: Toward an Understanding of How Matter Comes to Matter” (2003) Karen Barad wrote: “The ubiquitous puns on ‘matter’ do not, alas, mark a rethinking of the key concepts (materiality and signification) and the relationship between them. [–] There is an important sense in which the only thing that does not seem to matter anymore is matter.” (Barad 2003, 801) Today, the situation has changed. Feminist theorizing has turned to matter with a vengeance (Alaimo & Hekman 2008; Coole & Frost 2010) New materialist research (e.g. Barad 2007; Dolphijn & Van der Tuijn 2012; Van der Tuijn 2015) has emphasized the inseparability of materiality and discursivity. Through posthumanist research (e.g. Ó Maoilearca 2015; Braidotti 2013) performativity widens to concern more-than-human dimensions; performance is not only a human activity.

The main speaker of the day is Dr. Rick Dolphijn, who has a background in philosophy and art theory and is interested in the theoretical humanities at large, media and performance theory in particular. He wrote (with Iris van der Tuin) New Materialism: Interviews and Cartographies (Open Humanities Press 2012), has written on new materialism, ecology/ecosophy and art and is interested in the developments in continental philosophy and speculative thought. His academic work has appeared in journals like Angelaki, Rhizomes, Collapse and Deleuze Studies. He edited (with Rosi Braidotti) This Deleuzian Century: Art, Activism, Life (Brill/Rodopi 2014/5) and Philosophy after Nature (2017).

In the research project How to do things with performance? (2016-2020) funded by the Academy of Finland we have looked at the materiality of and the material-discursive practices involved in the performance, by engaging with a wide variety of materialities, like historical performance descriptions, with laundry, with scores, with a Theremin, with vinyl records, with old video works, with plants… These are of course not the only matters that can be crucial for performance and performing.

We invite everybody interested in performance-as-research or research on and in performance, performance art and live art to debate these questions and ponder how and in what way materiality matters in performance.

Please send abstracts (max 250 words) of proposals for 15 min. presentations and a brief bio, no later than 15 February 2018 to annette.arlander@uniarts.fi

Annette Arlander, Hanna Järvinen, Tero Nauha, Pilvi Porkola