Ruukku #11 is published!



Ruukku #11 is published! Contributors for this issue are Stephen Bain, Mieko Kanno, Anu Vehviläinen, Elisabeth Belgrano, Elina Seye, Lea Kantonen, Pekka Kantonen, Hanna Järvinen, Pilvi Porkola, Tero Nauha and Annette Arlander.

“In the research project How to do things with performance, we have focused on performance in a broad sense. Although performance is mostly understood in a broad sense as a “doing”, there is a tendency to hark back to the colloquial uses of the word associating to performing arts, and the idea of “showing doing”. This is also the way performance is understood by many of the contributors to in this issue. We want to emphasize a wider understanding of performance as a process, and thus also a more-than-human activity.” Read the full editorial here

Thank you for joining with us at Publics for the launch!

Author: Pilvi Porkola

Esitystaiteilija, post doc -tutkija Performance artist, post doc researcher

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